Speciation & Patterns of Evolution


Welcome to the Speciation and Patterns of Evolution unit.

This is an externally assessed topic, worth 4 credits.

Useful website links that you should look at are:

Key ideas for this whole topic are covered here:  Pass Biology, Level 3 Evolution

TerraNature: Information on NZs unique ecology

Waikato University: Evidence for Evolution, with NZ species

Great introductory to species and speciation:  Speciation: An illustrated introduction

EVIDENCE FOR EVOLUTION: a fantastic website detailing how fossils can be studied to give information about all aspects of evolution and speciation: Stories from the Fossil Record         Learn about the transitional fossil Archeopteryx

Revision!!!  Recap the adaptive radiation concepts using internet resources:   Adaptive radiation Webquest activity sheet

Bozeman’s video links:  Evidence for Evo 1     Evidence for Evo 2   General Evolution clip

POLYPLOIDY:    L3 Polyploidy_notes (No Brain too Small)

Steps and stages of how non-disjunction occurs: polyploidy animation and polyploidy notes (for a Word doc of the animation)

Tragopogon flower example of polyploidy      Overview of polyploidy

Link about aneuploidy (related to humans)

Interesting radio podcast “Feeding the World”

Bozeman Biology youtube clip:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rlfNvoyijmo

(There are several clips to look at – just search Bozeman Biology and have a look at the Evolution ones)

Speciation:  Hank explains speciation – the evolutionary process by which new biological species arise – in terms of finches, ligers, mules, and dogs.

Anole lizard natural selection example

Evolution overview  Hank gets real with us in a discussion of evolution – it’s a thing, not a debate.

Developmental genes (hox genes etc) clip:  Evolutionary Genetics

Tree of Life video:

Evolution 101 course at UC Berkeley (various pages will be useful)   Evo 101

Questions to go with link above….Evolution101 Question sheet students

PBS Evolution website has lots of great stuff including video clips.  Check out:  videos for students    Evolution – the DVD we watched in class    Darwin’s diary   Processes of Evolution (look through the various pages)   Speciation (look through the various pages)

Examples of NZ Evolution Evidence (Waikato Uni): http://sci.waikato.ac.nz/evolution/NZevidence.shtml#NewZealandslargeparrots

Try the encyclopaedia of NZ for some background info on NZ and it’s unique species… http://www.teara.govt.nz/en/evolution-of-plants-and-animals/1

Species and Speciation1 powerpoint      NCEA Style Question (ideas to put in an answer)

Evolution of dogs       Article about the ancestor of placental mammals




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