Demonstrate understanding of how an animal maintains a stable internal environment.

Achievement Standard:  AS 91603 (Biology 3.4)    Internally assessed, 3 credits

IMPORTANT INFO!!   Amended Internal assessment dates:

  • Test 1 was completed on Monday 22nd Feb
  • Test 2 is on Friday 4th March
  • The final hour (to add more to the other work you’ve done) is Thurs 10th March.

Useful websites for this topic…..

  1. Good coverage of the topic website – click here
  2. Pass Biology website (very good info and links)  click here
  3. Bozeman Biology video – Osmoregulation  Click here
  4. The Urinary System video – focus on the nephron + animations click here
  5. Basic Function of the Nephron video click here
  6. The kidney and nephron video – Khan Academy (lots of detail) click here
  7. Great “Crash course” on the urinary system videos, Part 1 click here  and Part 2 click here
  8. Loop of Henle explained (countercurrent multiplier) video  click here
  9. Countercurrent multiplier animation (high level stuff!!) video click here

Good overview of functions: Kidney notes

Powerpoints of use to you:  ADH_and_the_Kidney            

PPT 2 homeostasis and negative feedback

Useful diagrams …. 

Diagram nephron etcprocess diagraminside kidneyloop_of_henlekidney location 2kidneys and reproductive system woman

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