Plant and Animal Responses

Animal behaviour and plant responses (AS 3.3 (91603) External, 5 credits)

      Monarch_butterfly_in_Grand_Canary  Avocado_Seedling

gorilla.jpg    slaters

This standard is covered in your BIOZONE workbook over the three sections:  Pg 5-28 Orientation Responses, Pg 30-46 Timing Responses, Pg.48-82 Species Relationships. 

Build a glossary of key terms as we cover material.  Make some of these into flash cards for future revision.

Use the power points below to help with notes and examples for each topic (most things are covered in them but not all). 

We will have a Unit Test in the form of a one-hour exam.  This will be similar to a mock exam.  Your grade from this test will go towards your Report grade.  Study hard – there is a lot to remember!!

Practise some old exam papers – download from NZQA website:    

NZQA 2015 exam   NZQA 2014 exam    NZQA 2013 exam      and remember to use the Assessment Schedules (answers) to help you see what is required in your answers.

Powerpoint on Biological Clocks, with references to Biozone…BIOLOGICAL CLOCKS-wto mod

YouTube clips for learning: What is innate behaviour?   What is Learned Behaviour?      Crash Course: Animal Behaviour      Plant control systems BOZEMAN      Timing and Control Mechanisms in Plants and Animals (Bozeman)    The Secret Life of your Body Clock (BBC doco)    Phototropism, photoperiodism, Courtship and co-operation (Bozeman)    Phototropism and auxin (Plants)     Gravitropism   Overview of plant tropisms   Tropisms and hormones in Plants    Homing in pigeons

Biological Rhythms slides 1           Animal behaviour and plant relationships  

 orientation-responses-slides-2016 (DU)

Revision questions  A huge selection of questions to test your knowledge on this topic

Pass Biology has a great web page with plenty of info and links

No Brain Too Small revision site has a lot of useful notes to help you revise and learn





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