Genetic Variation and Change

Genetic variation and change (AS 91157, Biol 2.5,  External, 4 credits) 

chromosome  blackrobin

Homework!  Week 2, Term 2:  Watch these two clips and answer the questions given out in class:  Clips… Evolution continues  and  Example of natural selection

Revision posters!  1) DNA      2) Sources of Variation     3) Monohybrid      4) Dihybrid _ Linked      5) Sex Pedigrees       6) Gene Pools

Critically endangered kakapo (

The Achievement Standard is: 2.5 Demonstrate understanding of genetic variation and change

Relevant sections in your text are:  SCIPAD  Pg 98-179

Presentations possibly seen in class are:  3 Mendelian Genetics 

Notes or handouts:  Definitions and explanations of terms   Gamete Production notes       Meiosis notes

Below:  Co-dominance in roan cattle, Crossing over in homologous chromosomes (meiosis)

Complete dominance oic crossing over pic

Below:  Incomplete dominance in flowers, Germ-line (gametic) mutations vs somatic mutations

Incomplete dominance diagram Somatic vs germline mutations

Useful websites are: Bozemanscience     No Brain Too Small resources

YouTube links:  Natural Selection     Genetic Drift     Bottleneck/Genetic Drift/Founder    Rock Pocket mouse example

Sickle cell disease and Malaria     Galapagos finches   Evolution of lactose tolerance

A fun way to learn:   Lego simulation of genetic change      Mitosis rap     Mitosis and Meiosis simulation

Tools for study are: no brain too small resources      Pass Biology page for this topic

Past NCEA exams:  2015 exam   2014 exam   2013 exam

Past exam answers:  2015 answers   2014 answers   2013 answers

Punnett square for lethal alleles in mice;       A manx cat (tailless due to one lethal allele)

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