Gene Expression

Gene Expression (AS 91159, Biol 2.7, External, 4 credits) 

dna    sickle cell

The Achievement Standard is: 2.7 Demonstrate understanding of gene expression

Relevant sections in your text are:  Thick SCIPAD Pg 187-228

Presentations possibly seen in class are:  2 Protein Synthesis     7 Gene mutations in metabolic pathways

8 Gene Environment Interactions         DNA            Protein Synthesis

Useful youtube clips are:   Mutations by Bozeman    Phenotype and environment      Bozeman Phenotype and Environment   Protein synthesis 1      Protein Synthesis 2       Protein synthesis 3    Metabolic pathways    Twins with albinism    Ghosts in our Genes (epigenetics)

A fun way to learn:    Making a model of protein synthesis with lollies!

April and Rosie

Tools for study are:  Websites, you tube, scipad pages, NZQA page for past exams, mind mapping the topic, key words lists, drawing diagrams of protein synthesis etc.

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