Ecological patterns

Ecological patterns (AS91158, Biology 2.6,  Internally assessed,  4 credits) 

L2 Bio trip (13)

Above:  Biology students from 2012 class on a field trip to the Matukituki valley.

FIELD TRIP IS ON WED 24TH FEB, 9AM-6PM, please return your consent forms by Fri 19 Feb.

The Achievement Standard is: 2.7 Investigate a pattern in an ecological community  Click on this link to see more information about this achievement standard.

Relevant sections in your sciPAD text are:  Internal book, Pg 70-83

Useful websites are:    Beech forest ecology (Te Ara)    Beech forest (DOC)   THE NEW ZEALAND BEECHES (see Part 2, 3 and 4)

Useful websites:  Bozeman Biology – Ecosystem Ecology

Useful powerpoint presentations:   ECOLOGY Introduction powerpoint 2016

Ecology overview powerpoint

Other useful resources:  Environmental factors in a forest activity (use this Word doc to help you think about and explain the abiotic/biotic factors affecting the growth of a tree in a forest – directly relevant to this assessment).


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