Cellular processes

Cellular Processes (AS 2.4, External, 4 Credits)

Cell transport pic chloroplast 2

Above:  Cell transport types and a chloroplast organelle in a plant (site of photosynthesis)

The Achievement Standard is: 2.4 Demonstrate understanding of life processes at the cellular level    This standard is externally assessed by an exam worth 4 credits.

Relevant sections in your text are: External Scipad – First section

Handouts that may have been given out in class: Cell Processes Revision     Enzyme Additional notes     Factors affecting Mitosis     HOW LEAF STRUCTURE RELATES TO PHOTOSYNTHESIS     How to Maxi Photosynthesis     Interpreting Diagrams activity Cell processes       Photosynthesis handout      Respiration and Mitochondria Summary          What effects enzymes

Presentations possibly seen in class are:Energy Photosynthesis Respiration Summary      STOMATA      Cell membranes      Cell Structure    Cell Transport       Cells Introduction    DNA structure,replication, mitosis       Enzymes     Protein Synthesis

Useful videos:  Intro to Animal Cells     Mitosis & Cell Cycle   DNA Replication    Active and Passive Transport    Photosyntheis (Bozeman)  Photosynthesis    Plasma membrane   Cell transport

Useful websites are:  Cells alive! , Interactive animations , Click4Biology  , Bozemanscience

Revision for Cell Processes:  L2 Biology Revision for Cellular Processes

A fun way to learn:  Glucose respiration song, Photosynthesis song, DNA song

Tools for study are:  No Brain Too Small revision tools

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