Adaptations of animals to their way of life

Adaptation of Animals for Gas Exchange and Internal Transport (AS 2.3, Internally assessed, 3 credits)

Current standard last update 20 Nov 2014


The Achievement Standard is:  AS91155, Biology 2.3, Demonstrate understanding of adaptation of plants or animals to their way of life.   AS91155 Version 2 – 2015 Animal adaptations internal

Task sheet / Student Instruction sheet:   2.3 Animal way of life 2015 Assessment task

Relevant sections in your skinny Scipad workbook: Gas Exchange Pg 48-49, 52-53;  Internal Transport Pg 42-47.

Presentations possibly seen in class are:  

Internal Transport in Mammals 2015

Gas Exchange in Mammals 2015

Key words / Glossary for this topic:   



deepest diving mammals

6922934-sperm-whale weddell seal

Useful article about adaptations for living in water:  

Adaptations to an aquatic lifestyle  

What freediving does to the body – BBC News

BBC iWonder – If you lived underwater what would you look like_


Links to clips which will help you learn about this topic:

Bozeman Biology on YouTube:  measuring blood pressure

Bozeman Biology on YouTube: The respiratory system

Bozeman Biology circulatory system:

General overview of circulatory system:

Both systems overview, Hank Green:

Heart dissection and info:

Lung dissection and info:

Blue whale’s heart!!

Hearts, brains, heart attacks, limitations etc

Khan Academy heart video:

Khan Academy, Arteries vs Veins etc

Good animated graphics showing the inner workings of heart and valves

Diving link

Other useful website lists:

Useful web sites for your research

Animal Adaptation websites 2015

A fun way to learn: Lamb Dissection Practical Invitation 2015  


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