Great reading

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This book is in the MAC library and is a great read for Y12 and 13 chemists. The chapters are easy to understand and the chemistry is written for non-chemists. This book will change the way you feel about both chemistry and history.

If you are after a fast paced entertaining read with good science in it and trivia to burn, read this book. It is in the MAC library.

If you have ever asked yourself “Where did I come from?”,  Bryan Sykes writes a rivetting story based on his work with mitochondrial DNA,  about human origins. It leaves you wondering “Which of the seven daughters of Eve am I descended from?”

The natural history of Australasia told by Australian author, Tim Flannery will interest those who are curious about the origins of New Zealand (and the rest of Australasia) and its settlement by both animals and humans.

This book documents the fascinating history of the discovery of radioactivity through to the atomic bomb. This account blends science with history and politics. Available in the Wanaka Public Library.

An autobiography of a magical childhood of chemistry written with loads of chemistry trivia and scientific anecdotes. You don’t even need to know who Oliver Sacks is to enjoy this book. This is another book for the trivia hounds. Find out what the Norse god of mines has got to with cobalt. You can borrow this book from the Wanaka Public Library.

the monk in the garden

This book takes you back to birth of the study of genetics by Gregor Mendel.

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